IT Strategy & Planning

You don’t want to be caught flying blind with your IT system and you don’t have time to figure out what needs to be updated or replaced – or when. Raven provides that strategic support and assessments so you can focus on what you do best.

Technology Assessment

We conduct technology audits – which include hardware, software and business process assessments – and let you know what’s working and what needs improvement. We’ll give recommendations on replacements and upgrades to best suit your specific needs and budget – because not all technology is one size fits all. All recommendations need to suit your unique business and how it works.


Improper planning = poor performance. 

A roadmap is a guide for short term and long-term technology planning. Roadmaps allow our clients to plan for upgrades, system changes, software updates and more – providing peace of mind that emergencies can be minimized and giving plenty of warning before technology decisions need to be made.  

A good technology roadmap is incredibly valuable to a business by letting it be more efficient with their cash flow. Old equipment and lack of planning can affect your business more than you realize. No plan in place? You could be dealing with unexpected large expenditures on equipment that should have been replaced years ago or upgrades that could have been budgeted for in advance.

When you work with Raven Managed Services, we make sure you have the roadmap in place to plan for the future.
Raven Managed Services