Legal Tech Services

Not only does Raven Managed Services provide traditional managed IT services, but we are experts in supporting the legal field and all its modern technology needs. We have consulted for some of the world’s largest law firms and have a strong background in legal IT.

eDiscovery and electronic document management, while unheard of in days gone by, is now necessary. Whether you’re looking for a new partner that understands the legal industry or are newly delving into high tech issues, we can help.


Raise your hand if you’ve ever spent hours manually sorting through documents in the discovery phase. With the staggering increase of electronic documents — from texts to emails — most law firms are using eDiscovery software. This expedites the discovery process, taking what used to take months down to weeks or days. Interested? Contact us to learn more.

Time & Billing

Time tracking is key to law firms and it can be frustrating to find the right time tracking and billing software. Raven can help! We understand how law firms operate and have the knowledge multiple billing and time tracking software options to help you choose the best one for your law firm’s day to day operations.

Document Management

Each case in a lawsuit can hold thousands of documents. The right document management software makes it easy to store, sort and search through these documents, saving you time and energy. We’ll help you find the right document management software for your law firm and work with the vendor to make sure it’s set up properly so you can take advantage of its full capabilities. Contact us.

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