Project Services

Raven Managed Services can work on a project-by-project basis, providing you with specific services like network engineering, cloud engineering and more. 

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Network Engineering

Networks are the roads your business data travels every day so it’s important that those roads are set up to run efficiently. Especially with the size of data traveling through the network becoming larger by the day, you need to be sure your network can handle the load.

Raven Managed Services designs, plans and implements IT infrastructure networks. Based on the client’s specific needs, we design the network in the most optimal way, resulting in fewer IT issues, less stress and more productivity. Not only that, but clients don’t have to call us with problems as often, which is a win-win!

Cloud Engineering

Still using an antiquated server in your office? Let us show you how the cloud can benefit your business! 

Most companies benefit from moving to the cloud or a hybrid model. Why? The cloud allows for a secure, work from anywhere system – something incredibly important for today’s remote workforce. Not only that, but the cloud helps to futureproof your environment. Physical servers have limitations based on the resources you purchase. With the cloud, scaling up or down is easier than ever and you never have to buy a new server again.

Another benefit: If your business happens to split, having a cloud server makes that process much easier.

The cloud isn’t going anywhere. Raven’s cloud engineers can build and maintain your cloud infrastructure, whether you have a current cloud system and need help maintaining it or are ready to build out your cloud architecture for the first time.
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